Yolanda Reed

Yolanda Reed

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Building My Team

From My Acrylix® decorative stamps to My Reflections® scrapbooking kits to inspirational how-to programs like Originals,® the benefits of scrapbooking with Close To My Heart are easy to see. But did you know the business rewards for Close To My Heart Consultants are just as exciting?
The financial benefits of being a Close To My Heart Consultant are among the most rewarding in the industry.
Our Consultants enjoy:
• 22% immediate commission—a leading competitor only offers 20%!
• With just $100 per month in personal sales, you will begin to earn override commissions with the potential to add an additional 12% in earnings from your personal sales alone. A leading competitor doesn’t give you commissions until you sell several hundred dollars each month!
• A three-month quick start program, Straight To The Top, where new Consultants can earn $100 or more in FREE
product in addition to monthly sales commissions
To support your business success, Close To My Heart offers our Consultants:
• Fully branded personal websites with e-commerce capabilities
• Two beautiful Idea Books each year, available so inexpensively that you can literally give them away
• Industry-leading training programs, conference calls, and online training and reference materials
• Complete workshop and Home Gathering projects provided monthly through Gatherings & Workshops on the Go
• Yearly Convention with creative and business training and inspiration
There’s no better time or opportunity to get paid for doing the things you love. Embark on a rewarding new career today! For more
information on Close To My Heart’s incredible business opportunity, contact your local Consultant or visit www.closetomyheart.com.
opportunity knocks
Become a Close To My Heart Consultant and Enjoy Rewarding Business Opportunities
Straight To The Top Program (STTT)
When a new Consultant reaches $300 in sales in their first month and total sales of $1,200 in their
first three months, they will receive...
STTT Level 1 Select Product Credit
$ 25
STTT Level 2 Select Product Credit
22% Sales Commission
Override Commission
varies depending on monthly sales
Stamp Credit
$15 for each new Downline signed; varies depending on number
$389 in product and commissions, plus override commissions and stamp credit

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